JN-HI High frequency hybrid inverter with built-in MPPT solar controller all-in-one Mar 11
JN-HI series is a high frequency type hybrid inverter with built-in MPPT solar controller all-in-one machine.
The main power circuit adopts push–pull output as well as full-bridge inverter , LC filter to convert DC low voltage to pure sine wave with specified voltage level and frequency. Increase the municipal power complementary function, realize the choice of load power supply for the municipal power or inverter through the relay, and improve the reliability of power consumption.
The control part adopts the method of the battery side to facilitate sampling and control, and the inverter output adopts difference sampling to realize the original and auxiliary side isolation. The control chip adopts the DSP chip, with a fast control speed and high precision. 
Support for WIFI/GPRS/ETHERNET remote monitor as optional, welcome for inquiry here!

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