How to choose from Low frequency and high frequency power inverter pure sine wave Apr 14
Pure sine wave inverter, solar inverter, MPPT controller, inverter power frequency inverter power supply is to convert direct current to low frequency alternating current, and boost it to 220V mains power supply through transformer. The power frequency sine wave inverter has a relatively simple structure and can realize various protection functions in a low-voltage working environment. In the circuit using the power frequency sine wave inverter, the power supply has stable operation, strong anti-interference ability, good overload ability, relatively reliable, and can suppress high-order harmonic components. But its volume is relatively large, the price is relatively high, and the relative power is also very low. According to the current manufacturing process, the rated load efficiency of the sine wave inverter does not exceed 90%, so in the case of no load, its loss is large and the efficiency is low. The high-frequency inverter is smaller in size and lighter in weight, and is more suitable for outdoor and places where the system installation environment is restricted.

The above is a summary of the difference between high frequency and power frequency sine wave inverters. It can be seen that the current high-frequency pure sine wave inverter has greater market value.

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